1988 Toyota 4runner - Good Year MTRs

When I received the truck, it had 36X13.5X15 IROKs on it.

While those are very good tires, they were almost gone, and I had a bad death wobble issue.

I decided that since they are Bias Ply Tires they may be the problem (or at least be contributing factor).

I decided to order up some MTRs - I had a lot of luck with them when put them on my TJ and figured they may help.


Also, the previous owner had custom 10" wheels on there with almost no back spacing and the tires stuck way out (not great for tight trails and wheel bearings).


I decided to go with 37X12.5X15s I also decided to swap wheels - I loved my Allieds on my TJ so I went with those once again.


You can see the difference in stance here


The actual height difference isn't that noticable