1988 Toyota 4runner - Expandable Foam Insulation

I am not sure where I got the idea form

But the truck had little holes everywhere and the back panels made a ton of noise when driving.

I probably wouldn't have minded so much, but the dogs would really be bothered.


1st let me warn anyone going to use this stuff - it is a real mess.


It is like POR 15 or Herculiner - and we have all heard the famous hootus story about those products.

Well this is the same

It also keeps expanding, so when you think it is all dry and go to cut it flush, be careful, there may be wet stuff still trapped inside that will get ya.


Well after I did it, I decided I liked it, so I will also be doing under and around the dog area for extra insulation from the noise and heat generated by the truck - plus it adds a little extra support for the dog bed area.


I will eventually Herculine the truck bed area.