1988 Toyota 4runner - Diff Cover

I got the idea form here and here

Basically the idea is to add something to the front of the diff for protection against rocks because the factory housing is not that strong

You take an 8" Weldable Pipe cap (about $25) and cut it up to fit and then weld it on.

I went with the finger up front and DNC in the rear



Last time out I ripped out the rear diff drain plug meaning I had to get towed home

I could have just re-threaded the old drain hole, but it would still be a liability.

I saw Roger Brown's solution of adding a plate to the bottom and draining through the bottom 2 bolt holes, so I decided to copy it.

I used 1/4" plate

The old bottom with the drain hole on the bottom


The New 1/4" plate bottom - I will add "Good Stuff" to the inside seams to avoid having any pin hole leaks.

I also added a fill plug to the front to allow for more gear lube to be added easier and it isn't blocked by the rear cover.


I added the Marlin Crawler front axel truss