1988 Toyota 4runner - Rear Roll-Out Storage

I bought these rollers back when I still had the TJ and never got around to building a storage area.

They are 36" collapsed and just shy of 6' when fully extended.  When fully extended they are rated to 400lbs at the end when used in a vehicle (not sure why it matters).


Well I finally got the itch and decided to use them on the 4runner.

I also found some Herculiner that I never used (probably 4 years old), so I figured I would also Herc the bed area while I was at it.

I didn't actually prep anything beyond wiping everything down with some water so we will se how well it holds up over time.

Total time spent on this was maybe 1 hour so even if it doesn't make it no big loss.


The next thing I did was lay out the bottom of the box and tack it all together, the storage area will be framed with 1" square tube.

I haven't decided what will panels will be made out of yet, considering 10 ga steel, expanded steel and ply wood.


After I laid out the box I moved on to the roller frame.  I used 3X3X1/4" angle iron, I know it is heavy but i figured it would resist twisting and really only adds a couple of pounds over  a smaller alternative.  So weight versus keeping the rollers moving smoothly I went with the smooth rollers.

I used 3X1/4" flat bar for the frame to connect the 2 sides and to keep the rollers straight when installing them, (they are not very flexible and need to work together).  I will also use it as an extra mounting area in the back to help keep it all connected when the drawer is rolled all the way out.

The rollers are attached to the angle iron with a total of 38 button head 1/4" bolts, when I get further into it I will weld up all of the nuts so it is easier for final install.

The frame will be attached with 20-30 3/8" gr8 bolts that I will also weld for easier installation.

When it is all done, it should be able to hold me standing on the very end while fully extended.

Looking back on it I should have laid out the rollers first.

I think I can make it work pretty easy though,  I will create a channel inside the box to keep the bottom of the box right on the bed.


So far I am pretty happy with the progress.


What's up next - build the rest of the box. (made some progress - April 16th, 2006)

I ran out of tube with only 2 pieces left to put in

Figure out a locking mechanism.

Decide on panels.


Ideas for the box include quick access storage selves for common items on the very back (but only on one half).  Items like: bottle jack, hub tools, tire "vavels", common sockets and wrenches, tow straps...

The side ears will hold fluids on one side and manuals on the other.

High Lift (60") will be solid mounted on the passenger side on top with base facing rear.

Inside will be sectioned into a cooler area, spare parts, axle shafts, drive shafts, hubs, brake lines, alternator, clutch parts, steering setup, knuckles....