2006 DNC Spring Jambo

Tim's Pics

Jerry and Jane's Pics

Jim's Pics and Video

Matt's Pics

Jay's Pics


Day 1

Pick your Poison and Diablo's Revenge (we think)



Sammy and I taking a break while we watched Steve get his Jeep fixed


on that Diablo's Revenge trail Dave( RckCrwlr87YJ) took an awesome line

Half way up his tranny ran out of fluid (yeah it is an shift on the column auto)

Fixed and up and over


Day 2

M-Trail - I had tried to do M-trail 3 other times and always had some kind of funky thing go wrong that prevented me from doing it)


I got in this far when the branch in front of my tire decided to take out my rear brake line.

Got that fixed - you can also can see that my diff has a gravity defying leak - out the top (not the breather???)