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Visionary Product Management Executive with over 10 years of combined achievement in product portfolio planning, market share analysis, and product marketing. Risk taker and product evangelist with expertise in making and executing hard decisions while driving product improvements as the “voice of the customer”. Possess an exceptional track record of propelling lost cause products into revenue-producing opportunities and revamping existing products to rebuild market share. Adept at steering market transitions, platform upgrades and product innovations. Highlights of value include:

² Product Launch & Management                                    ² Brand Strategy Design & Product Portfolio Planning

² Telecom Marketing & Operations                                 ² Market Share Analysis & Research

² Strategic Planning & P&L Ownership                            ² Sales & Marketing Leadership & Revenue Optimization 





AVAYA, Basking Ridge, NJ                                                                                                               2001 to Present

Product Manager – Operations Services [2008-Present]

Reversed a 4-year revenue erosion with 45% CAGR trend by spearheading Avaya’s re-launch of Proactive Support Offers as a managed service.


Expanded existing revenues 35% and ultimately exceeded plan by $42 million:


§         Appointed to a team of 5 charged with reversing 5-year, 85% revenue loss. Analyzed competitor business models, major Managed Service Providers, and developed a “train and transfer” model to engender a shift to a distributed channel model and a new delivery model. Partnered with major MSPs to deliver services/service bundles to enable channel partners to deliver Managed Services under their own brand. Result: Transformed offers from a select support model into an industry standard ITIL-based multi-vendor model.

§         Boosted exposure and improved customer loyalty while reducing internal sales costs through the development of the new multi-tier channel model. Trained channel partners on ITIL language as the industry standard.

§         Ensured operations model scalability and profitability leading strategic negotiations with delivery and channel partners.

§         Unified cross-company approach, message, and delivery through fostering internal partnerships with professional services and product groups.

§         Paved the way for most competitive and cost-effective Avaya-based offers by crafting Unified Communications OpEx models with product and third-party financing organization.


Business Operations Manager  - Avaya on Demand [2006-2008]    

Steered business planning for the launch of a new line of business in Market Maker position.


Developed value proposition and simplified hosted business complexities for sales teams and CFO:


§         Championed the new business line launch by authoring separate 5-year business plans for Hosted Voice Mail and Hosted Contact Center lines of business. Conducted a full audit and business review for the new COO.

§         Strengthened forecasting and closure rates after devising opportunity funnel review process with sales and product management. Also institutionalized operational reviews of monthly results and tool development.

§         Tightened deal-by-deal pricing and costing analysis as a result of launching a deal review process and building cross-functional support of costing model with direct support of sales teams.


Product/Solution Marketing Manager – Avaya Core Telephony [2004-2006]    


Directed product marketing for Avaya’s flagship product line, including communication manager software, servers, and gateways producing $880 million in annual revenue. Accountable for solutions marketing for the branch segment with oversight of customer segmentation analysis, offer development, channel training, and campaign design and implementation.




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Helped drive 15% year-over-year revenue growth and surpassed plan 9%:


§         Regained #1 market share for new system sales previously lost to Cisco and magnified revenue beyond targets by devising a common presentations platform with modular parts based on customer needs. Shifted marketing message from task basis to solutions focus with enterprise-wide continuity, thereby enabling “intelligent communications” and value-added customer service throughout the company.

§         Altered how the industry messages enterprise communications solutions through creating Intelligent Communications. Trained sales channels on the value proposition and core messages and drove sales by leveraging tools and premium content development.

§         Enabled the success of three separate launches, including three releases of communication manager software, four different servers ranging from large enterprise to mid-size, and two different branch gateways.


Strategy Manager  – Avaya Global Services – Strategy/Offer Management [2001-2004]


Steered Offer Management Team and drove promotions to mid-market, maintenance customers, and branch customers and served as Team Leader for SCCAN Solution, spanning implementation, maintenance, pre-sales professional services, and contract negotiations with third-party organizations.


Led cross-business unit promotions discussions and execution:


§         Generated new revenue ideas from non-traditional sources, including development of web submission tools and scoring procedures, by leading the OAM transformation effort.

§         Maximized the efficiency of business partner support by conducting an in-depth analysis of Cisco’s SMARTnet support tool.


AT&T WIRELESS, Basking Ridge, NJ                                                                                                  1995 to 2001

Product/Project Manager – AT&T Wireless Messaging Products [2000-2001]


Managed P&L accountability for $330 million AT&T Wireless VoiceMail. Designed and launched the Short Messaging Service (text message).      


Increased top-line revenue $110 million incrementally by increasing offer exposure:


§         Lowered customer care expenses 20% and boosted revenue by $110 million by condensing nearly 5,000 product codes to 5, integrating voice mail into national packages, and migrating newly acquired customers to a standardized product code and marketing messaging structure.

§      Garnered 1 million new customers and $84 million in annual baseline revenue by driving the transition of 3 major acquisition markets, 5 small acquisition markets, and numerous new market builds.

§      Turned around a True Messages revenue loss trend by refocusing marketing on mass broadcast capabilities. Grew revenue year-over-year 45% and surpassed plan by 50% to attain ROI on new technology investment in less than 9 months.


Previous employment with AT&T includes tenure as Product Manager, Reserve Manager, and Business Case Analyst. 






MBA, Major in Marketing & E-Commerce

Honored with George S. Walters Consulting Excellence Award for leadership of a team recognized as the #1 project out of 40. Developed business plan which enabled client to win funding for first-of-its-kind partnership between Israel and an Islamic/Arab nation.



BS, Business Management

Text Box: “Josh and I were part of a start-up effort inside Avaya: Avaya On-demand. Josh had a great attitude, being able to cope with the intrinsically complex situation of a start-up inside an established company. He is always looking for ways to improve the business and provide our customers with a timely answer. He is very diligent and a team player.”
—Marcelo Bernardes, Senior Systems Engineer, Avaya