Maggie's New Home

Maggie is a great dog that I was fortunate enough to receive from Roger's Rescue.  She is up to 40 lbs, when she was found in WV she was emaciated while trying to care for her 6 pups (placed in to other homes).  She may be about 18 months old.  Her face looks very Golden, but her ears are something else and her tail is definitely something else, not sure where the spots come from either, probably some Spaniel and some Pointer (she pointed a squirrel toady - straight line from nose to tail and front paw lifted).  She is a bundle of fun and she just hops from spot to spot and almost never stops playing.  She get along great with Sammy and is really starting to feel at home.  I am learning a lot of her funny little behaviors; like drinking out of the toilet - I need to remember to put the seat down now and she is also a door pusher, so she is not afraid to just go investigating rooms all over the house.

Maggie is a smart little girl, I was able to walk her around the block tonight with the leash balled up in my coat pocket.  No pulling, sits when I stop, and wags her little nubbin of a tail the entire time.  She was great with Chester and Livy (the neighbors dogs) and the kids on the street.

More to come on Maggie

More on Sammy

Maggie Meets Dr. Johnson

Sammy and Maggie Play in the field

I would have taken some shots of Maggie only if she ever stayed still long enough.

And - So after all that play


Maggie's 1st Snow

Blizzard 2006

1st Day at New House

1st Christmas Party


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