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Molson - See pictures and learn a little more about Molson's life.  She died on March 13, 2004 after cancer got her.

Sammy - I adopted Sammy shortly after Molson died.  He is a Belgian Sheep Dog?

Maggie - I adopted Maggie about 9 moths after Sammy. She is a mutt but definitely has Australian Sheppard in her.

Sabrina - My folks adopted Sabrina 1 year after I got Maggie. She is a Chocolate Lab.

4 wheeling - Info on my Toyota 4runner and the stuff I have done to it.

2005 Tacoma - TRD Sport Double Cab with Tow Package

78 Front St - Info on my house in Belvidere, NJ.  It is a Queen Anne Victorian and built in 1890s.


Cooking - Rochelle and Josh's favorite recipes


Naples, NY - Oct 2008